Will Your Loved Ones Benefit from Nar-Anon?

Often, when we think of addicts, we tend to forget that their loved ones also suffer. That is the reason Nar-Anon was created. It is a twelve-step program that offers support to the families and friends of the addict. This program targets those who are known to have a feeling of desperation concerning the addiction of someone close to them.

Why it Matters

When you join Nar-Anon, you are no longer alone. You will be amongst true friends that understand the problem you face. This program respects the confidentiality and anonymity of those who visit. The aim is to offer assurance that no situation is too difficult to be overcome.
This is program is not based on any religion; it is a spiritual path based on twelve steps. By working with these steps, it has been found that most people will once again find peace. The program has been as effective to the loved ones as Narcotics Anonymous has been to addicts.

Keep an Open Mind

Everyone who joins Nar-Anon is encouraged to keep an open mind and attend as many meetings as he or she can. You are also encouraged to freely share with others during meetings. Besides that, questions are allowed after the meeting. With time, everyone makes friends and feels like part of a family.
There are several formats of meetings; they include step meetings, discussion meetings, beginner’s meeting, and speaker meetings. There are even online meetings for people that have a hard time going to the face-to-face meetings.

What Not to Expect

At Nar-Anon, you will not be taught how to help an addict stay off drugs. However, this group can help members learn how to cope with the situation.

The Benefits of Nar-Anon

Having a family member with a narcotics addiction can be quite stressful. For one, the addict could miss special events such as birthdays. When this happens, the loved ones can live under constant stress since the thought of you the addict relapsing kills them.
Nar-Anon is a great group for those who feel powerless living with an addict; it helps to know there is someone out there with the same challenge. Knowing that you can share your struggles, fears, dreams, and frustrations without being judged is great. This is the main reason why Nar-Anon has been such a success.
If you are a recovering addict, keep in mind that you should also recommend this group to others who love you. It could help them feel better so that they can support each other in hard times.