About Us

We are a nonprofitable society or group of people who are helping out each other with drug-related problems. Our society is created with the goal to provide people some help after they have stopped drug abuse. Of course, even if you are still in the process of recovering you can still be a member of this group because we want to help out as many people as possible. We are organizing all kinds of group meetings that you can attend for free. During these meetings, you can learn a lot about drug abuse and get motivated to stay off them.

For some people, the most difficult part is to stay sober once they quit abusing drugs. We are here to help you with that problem by providing a 12-step program that was designed by professionals and people with many years of experience. Recovering from addiction will be much easier with our help.

What is AA

Anonymous Alcoholic is a society of people that was created with the purpose to help out people recover from their alcohol addiction. Alcohol can be a really dangerous addiction that can ruin your entire life, but thanks to this program you can avoid that by stopping your addiction. This program offers professional help that every alcohol addict needs in order to recover fast.


Our New Offices

In case you haven’t heard about this yet, we have opened up some new offices in Savannah, GA. This means that if you are from there, you can join our programme.

Here is a short pricing list that you that you can use to see what type of services you get for what price.


Our most expensive service



Most commonly used one




The cheapest option



In case you are interested in working for us or with us for this great cause, you now have the chance to start your career because we are offering some job openings for people just like you. There is just nothing better than working for such a great cause.

Training Programs and Requirements

In order to work for us, you will have to fulfill the requirements that we have for certain job positions. To make it easier, we are offering a training program that you can take if you feel the need to better your skills. Keep in mind that there are certain skills that you will have to master in order to work for us because you will be working with addicts who are in the recovering process. These people will need to have professional help.


If you are interested in taking some courses, you are in the right place because we are also offering all kinds of drug-related courses that you can take.